In collaboration with Hairy Dog Grrrage, Bobby and the MMS team worked on this Porsche Cup Car when it needed some quarter panel repairs.  Check out a few pics and a video of our techs repairing this gorgeous Cup Car to as good as new.  Whether it’s a Cup Car or your Daily Driver, MMS can repair anything!


We had a lot of fun at the 70 Years of Porsche Event and hope you did, too. 

There were enough amazing cars for any Porsche lover to drool over. From a Porsche 959 to a factory slant nose, the display of cars was fantastic.

  If you attended, let us know on our Facebook page! 

Also check out the gallery below to see some of the cars in attendance:

This is the perfect time to get into this 1988 911. With a hot summer on the horizon, this is not only the car you want but also the car you need. It’s cars like these that make summer drives memorable.

This Porsche Carrera has seen many modifications including work done on the suspension, transmission, body, brakes, wheels, and interior. The car is an absolute joy to drive and it also has the Porsche Classic Radio that we featured in our last newsletter with a brand new Reus Audio System. 

Check out the full description and gallery in the link below: