Bobby and the MMS team attended Rennsport Reunion VI at Weathertech Raceway, CA! Bobby raced in the vintage series which was the Sholar-Friedman Cup.  As part of the vintage group, Bobby was among the first cars to get on track at Laguna Seca and helped kick off Rennsport VI! 

The gallery below showcases Bobby and his number thirty-five Porsche 911T. We have so many more great photos that it just will not fit into one newsletter! Therefore, in upcoming newsletters, we will share museum cars Porsche displayed, more pictures of Bobby racing, and cool shots of things we saw at Rennsport VI. 

It was a fun event,  especially with the Porsche reveals and seeing Bobby race.

Stay Tuned!!

Part 4 of our restoration process is here! We are getting closer to paint! This restoration process is quite a thrill, and the owner selected the body color for this 356.  The team put a base coat on and have been busy working out some small kinks of bodywork that were not visible before. 

It is amazing to see this car come together, we remember the first day we started it and now we are at the point of paint! Restoration projects are not for everyone, it takes a very special client to have the patience to restore a vehicle. It also takes a unique team to make that happen. Our team has been nothing short of amazing during this process. 

Every newsletter is a new journey with this car, in the next one will reveal the color!

It’s beautiful.

Some things are timeless, some things are classic, some things are loved and some are hated. However, once in a blue moon the stars in the skies align just perfectly so and you get the 993 Generation of Porsche. The 993 is what happens when struggle meets passion, and this generation is the epitome of what Porsche is.  From the way, the hood starts to transition to its wide body and back that forms the perfect amount of space a fender should have over back tires. Black, blue, red, yellow, color does not matter, a car like this doesn’t need a color or day or night to display the flawless lines it has. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes beauty is forced on you and that is exactly what the 993 Porsche does. It forces you to recognize beauty. 

With that said, this 1996 Porsche 911 Targa is a one owner vehicle, it has been stored in a garage and has never seen rain. The owner has driven it less than 2,500 miles a year since purchasing it. All service records have been up to date and saved, and the motor has had a full refresh just three months ago. Cars like this don’t come along often so don’t miss the opportunity to be only the second owner!