For Porsche Car Collector Purist!

MMS has another rare Porsche in our vehicle sales section. This 1972 Porsche Targa in beautiful Signal Yellow is both a very rare color and 1972 marked the one and only year that Porsche featured an oil filler door on the rear right fender. All models this year also came with the new 2.4L engine.

Porsche Engineering History: Also in 1972, Porsche sought to address vehicle handling and improved it with this model. Previous models were prone to oversteer when driven to a higher than the normal limit causing inexperienced drivers to lose control of the car.

This 1972 Porsche Targa is beautifully restored in Signal Yellow. The entire car has been overhauled and it is in mint condition.  It serioulsy runs the way it was when it left the factory! head to our vehicle sales section for a complete gallery of the car.

Restoration for True Porsche Enthusiast:

Restorations hold a special place in most people’s hearts, you don’t just restore any old car. Almost all of the time there is something special about that car, whether it was something a person owned growing up or something that they never thought they would own. This unique Bahama Yellow 1968 Porsche Targa restoration is one that means a lot to the owner as well as to all of us at MMS.  Bobby and the MMS team truly restored this car to the beautiful condition it left the factory line in Germany 51 years ago.

 The Targa was stripped down to bare metal, then the metalwork restored age related issues and the restoration started to take shape. Enjoy the photos in the gallery and discover exactly how the car was finished.

Have a special Porsche you would like restored? Give us a call to disucss.

Manhattan Concours:

Bobby was invited to showcase vehicles at the inaugrual Manhattan Concours held at Brookfield Place in Battery Park, Manhattan.  The Concours featured a select group of collector cars beautifully displayed along the waterfront plaza.

It was a gorgeous May day for a really great event with an amazing turnout.  One of Porsche Bobby brought, a Lemon Yellow 1967 Portsche 911S won “Best in Class” at the event. The car belongs to one of  our customers, Charles C.

Click below for photos of this gorgeous 1967 Porsche 911S  as well as photos of the other cool cars at the event!